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SRFF 48H Challenge Rules

Rules for the Setrecce 48 hour Film Challenge:


To be eligible for the challenge, Entries must be the author's original work; they must not violate the rights of any third parties; they must be appropriate for publication (i.e., not obscene or indecent); they must not contain pornographic or obscene material; they must not make defamatory statements about any person, company, organization, or entity; they must not invade the privacy or other rights of any person, company, or entity.

The whole Short film must be created during the event

Releases for actors, musicians, crew, and locations (as well as any other releases that may be necessary) must be obtained by each team and submitted to the project coordinators along with the finished film or video. The Setrecce 48 Hour Film Challenge organizers must have the signed releases, or the short film won't be screened.
Entries that are deemed unsuitable or otherwise non-compliant are able to be disqualified by the SRFF organizers and judges in their sole discretion.

Participating groups are permitted to utilize pre-recorded music, but they must own the rights to any music featured in their film and give releases for all music used. Pre-recorded sound effects are OK, just like with music, but you must obtain permission to use them.

File Submission Information:

2GB is the maximum file size to submit and your film may be disqualified if it does not meet the requirements.

Prior to obtaining its official premiere screening on August 27th at the , the Entrant should not distribute their entry or film in any form. This covers sharing the video on any website or showing it to audiences other than the team.

Lastly, the Film must be 5-7 minutes long including credits.


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