SetRecce FIlm Festival

This event has been cancelled and this page will remain active until August 27th

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Sign up to participate in our 48 Hour Location based film challenge August 12-14th.

Sign up to participate in the 48 Hour location based film Challenge through "48 Hour Challenge" Link Below. Be given a location and genre for you to create a 7 minute short film Including credits.

During the event find out how to use the Setrecce App and be given your challenge.

Once you have your story and crew ready or given one, create a 7 minute short in which you implement at least 1 location from the Setrecce app.

Submit for a chance to win prizes and awards August 27th

Submit your film for a chance to win prizes and Setrecce's very first NFT Coin.
48H Location Challenge

Film Festival Prizes

The Setrecce app wants to make film locations more accessible for filmmakers of Colorado. Therefore, we want to encourage as much creativity as possible with the use of locations. Below are the prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place. (SRFF Award NFT will be revealed on the date of the festival)
  • First Place Winner "Judge's Favorite Award" $500 + SRFF Award NFT. Judged by 2013 Oscar Nominee "PES"
  • 2nd place winner "Best use of locations Award" $300 + SRFF Award NFT.
  • Third Place Winner "Audience's Choice Award" Local Restaurant Gift cards + SRFF award NFT.
48 hour participation Fee
We will make sure to only accept films that fit our criteria. So please make sure to try your best!
48 Hour Film Challenge
Attendee Fee
We are limited to 60 seats, therefor it will be first come first serve.
Reserve a seat
Volunteer a Location In Longmont or Niwot
Must be the owner of location otherwise it will not be accepted.
submit Location Intake Form

SRFF will have limited seating.

Thanks to our awesome friends at the Firehouse Art Center in Longmont. The Film Festival will be held in on location with limited seating of up to 60 Seats.
  • Each selected film will have two guaranteed seats.
  • The rest will be first come first serve.
  • If demand for seating is high we will add people to our waiting list.

Participant "Liability Release Agreement"

By choosing to participate in the Setrecce Film Festival challenge in Longmont, you understand and agree that Setrecce is not liable for any property damage and/or bodily harm that happens to the film cast and crew during the use of locations provided by Setrecce. Please use your best judgement and protect yourselves and all those around you, Also please respect the locations and leave them how you found them or better! For more information: Link to Liability Release Agreement