Meet Setrecce

A new marketplace for film and photography locations.

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Locate, Connect, Create, and Share your work!

Monetize locations

Our goal is to provide a platform where users and creatives of all levels can monetize information about public locations and/or rent their private property for filmmaking or photography purposes.

Share your work

Share on location work with other creatives in your area.


Follow other creatives in your area, connect, collaborate on future projects. Search for locations that fit your shoot in near by cities and towns or ask the people in your own town for what you are in search of.


The creative industry has always been about who you know, therefore our mission is to make it more accessible for local creatives to connect with each other and share their work for the purpose of connecting with others.

Discover new locations take your creativity to the next level

Locations, So often we've seen creatives struggle to find new locations for their content and/or clients. Unless you live in a big creative hub, there are not many location resources for creatives. Our goal is to provide the largest database of crowdsourced locations in the U.S.


Find what you're looking for on our marketplace!
  • Purchase, sell, or give away locations information.
  • Become better prepared for your shoots!
  • Discover nearby locations you never knew about.

Components that are useful

Assistance , Whether you're a seasoned creator with a portfolio of locations or someone just getting started. You can use our platform to monetize information to new locations, and search for locations nearby. Our goal is to save creatives time and money.

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